Review: Hypoxi (for Duncraig & Mt Lawley Clinics, Perth WA)

All women, in my opinion, are queens and we go through a lot in our lifetimes. So too do our bodies; from puberty to childbirth to menopause and everything in between. Our skin ages faster than our male counterparts, many women experience weight fluctuations, stretchmarks and then there's everyone's arch nemesis: cellulite.

18 months ago my world changed completely. I gave birth to my son, my family packed up and relocated to the other side of the country (I didn't know anyone), and I went back to work. I spent all my time ensuring everyone was happy - everyone but myself. Eventually I decided to take back control of my life and lose the excess baby weight I had struggled to shift. I also disliked the cellulite which had become more noticeable with the additional weight on my frame and constantly hid under jeans or long dresses. I researched options for non-surgical cellulite reduction procedures and when a friend suggested Hypoxi, I jumped on the website, discovered my closest clinic and a free trial session... bonus! My nearest clinic, Hypoxi Duncraig in Perth WA welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning and soon enough I had booked in my trial session. 

What is HYPOXI? So much more than an exercise machine, Hypoxi is clinically proven to be three times more effective at burning unwanted fat than traditional exercise and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Hypoxi's advanced vacuum and compression technology activates the body's natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite (namely the stomach, waist, hips, thighs and knees). Hypoxi is currently the only patented device to incorporate vacuum technology and exercise to achieve weight loss results. Impressive!

FIRST VISIT: I was welcomed into the Hypoxi Duncraig studio by the lovely Brooke, who asked me to complete a new client form and then showed me the two different machines. She too had been a Hypoxi client before working for the clinic and was so impressed by the results, she wanted to be apart of the brand!

There are two machines to choose from:
1) HYPOXI L250 machine is for the user to lay-down in and cycle.
2) HYPOXI S120 is pretty much exactly the same except the user sits upright and cycles.

Inside the machines is a cycling machine and the client pedals rapidly whilst the vacuum technology works its magic. Expect to work hard... and sweat! That is the biggest misconception I had - initially I thought I would just lay down and the machine would magically burn off my stubborn areas... nah uh! I had to work it baby! 

To start, a heart rate monitor was popped on under my gym tank and then I popped a specialised vacuum skirt on and climbed into the cycle stirrups, sitting on the seat, which is like a bike seat. Once comfortable, the machine closes around your waist and the vacuum skirt is pressed into the corners at the top of the machine to prevent any excess air from escaping (as this would lessen the effectiveness). Brooke then looked at the health and information I completed on my client sheet, entering in coordinates to suit my body's needs and then turned on the machine as I pedaled the bike inside. As everyone's bodies, weight and health all differ, users are given different heart rates and reps to aim cycling towards.

Once on my way I could feel the vacuum technology start within 5 minutes and a very slight increased pressure inside the machine - this is what helps to shape and define the body. Then it is just a matter of sitting - or laying - back and enjoying the ride for the remainder of the session. because the machine is activated within, users are able to read, play with their mobile phone or even watch the TV whilst working out which is a nice bonus. Once the session is complete, the machine will slowly open and your consultant will remove the vacuum skirt and heart rate monitor before you leave. How did I feel after my first? I was ready for the old me to return and booked 13 sessions on the spot!

THE HARD YARDS: Once sessions have been booked, your progress is tracked with ongoing measurements, photos (optional) and results are recorded. These measurements will begin to show how much weight you have lost in centimeters (cm) and photos will help you track results visually. Although Hypoxi's official website suggests about 30 sessions at 3 sessions per week, they also preach amazing results coming from only 8-10 sessions. But Hypoxi Duncraig's manager Sue and the team are much more realistic and assured me that 15-30 sessions will showcase visible results and that each person's results vary. This was very assuring for me because after losing cm in the first xx weeks, my body shape and results stalled and after seeing no real change at xx weeks, I decided to get back on the bike and persist.

It's a good thing the ladies at Hypoxi Duncraig (& their sister clinic in Perth's Mt Lawley) are sociable and genuinely really nice, because visiting 3 times a week means you get to know them on a personal level and it was so nice to have a chatting, distracting me from the 30 minutes of intense cycling to be done. It always felt fantastic to complete a session knowing I had worked hard, focused on achieving the goals on the screen as I pedaled, plus completing any form of exercise is a good thing, yeah?

THE END RESULT: After 28 sessions I saw cellulite reduction on the back of my legs, thighs and above my knees. My saddlebag thighs were noticeably slimmer and I was looking forward to my final measurements. Please note: results below are a collective result overall from my waist, hips, thighs, and knees and not a loss from one area in general.
6 sessions in: I had lost 9.7cm from the original measurement.
12 sessions in: I had lost 17.6cm from the original measurement.
28 sessions in (final measurement): Leah and I took a few body shots and then she measured. I have lost a total of - drum roll please - 41.2 cm AND 4kg of weight that I struggled to part with after having my son. AMAZING!
Since my last Hypoxi session, I have maintained these results through a healthy diet, reducing my sugar and carbs intake, trying to exercise twice a week and trying to sleep more.

MAINTENANCE: I wholeheartedly believe in Hypoxi (as does my husband who is so proud of my transformation and loves my cellulite reduction). I am always shouting its praises with friends however ongoing maintenance is recommended and I personally still have a way to go to achieve my body goals so I plan on booking one session a week in the new year. Clients are recommended to complete one Hypoxi session per week once they have achieved results in order to maintain results / improve on results.

Perth readers wishing to try Hypoxi... stop contemplating and book in a trial session! It is perfect for men and women of all ages, sizes and body shapes. It really works and your self confidence will return in leaps and bounds just like mine has. Every woman should love their bodies and Hypoxi and the team at Duncraig have helped me to do exactly that.

*Thank you so much to Sue, Leah, Mel, Brooke & Jem at Hypoxi Duncraig clinic (my go-to clinic) for hosting me and helping me achieve the best result possible. I will be back again soon!

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