Review: The Bikini Cookbook Asia by Michelle Floate

Now that Spring is here and Summer is near, I couldn't wait to get my hands on The Bikini Cookbook series and cook my way to slim! The collection was created by Perth naturopath Michelle Floate who after struggling with her own weight over the years, did not want to wear a bikini whilst holidaying in Turkey. The thought of stripping down to a swimsuit can make even the most confident female cringe, but Floate was now determined to lose weight, eat well and look damn good! Cue the introduction of her series The Bikini Cookbook and after just 5 months of following low calorie recipes, she had lost 18kg. Go girl! 

Being a fan of Asian cooking I chose The Bikini Cookbook Asia. It contains 50 enticing recipes free from fatty or sugary extras that Asian dishes tend to contain when store-bought. These dishes are so tasty and are made up of healthy, real ingredients. Cooking directions are relatively easy to follow, the meals don't take long to prepare, but most importantly these dishes are bursting with flavour! Did I mention every single recipe is less than 300 calories AND gluten free? Each dish contains ingredients that are easily accessible and can be found in most supermarkets. Popular Asian dishes within have come from Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, India,and Vietnam. My household favourites from the book are: Mixed Mushroom and Chicken Stir-fry, Japanese Beef and Potato, Cauliflower 'Fried Rice' and of course the much-loved Laksa. While I absolutely love the idea of tucking into my healthy favourite Asian dishes, and potentially lose weight doing so, I couldn't eat Asian meals every single day, so to keep meals varied, it would be a good idea to buy more more than one Bikini Cookbook variety. 

Hard copies of The Bikini Cookbook series are available for purchase online, however to discover more about Michelle Floate or The Bikini Cookbook you will need to refer to the website as the books really just consist of recipes. I would love to see future editions contain Floate's own food, lifestyle and travel tips and perhaps images of Floate cooking up these dishes- or hanging out with the locals - because she has travelled extensively through Asia and this would really add a personal touch to the book. I found the font a little on the small side making it hard to read when trying to cook up a storm in the kitchen. With Michelle's experience she is a whirlwind of knowledge and a great example that the program really works. I can't wait to make more of these recipes, try other editions from The Bikini Cookbook collection, and hopefully lose weight in the process.

The Bikini Cookbook Asia by Michelle Floate. Hardcover RRP $19.99. Published by Ranson Media.