Review: Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel

Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel ★★★★
Price: $12.95
About: eyebrow gel available in 4 shades. Designed to define and set brows in place. Contains a mascara wand applicator within.
Review: This would have to be the best priced brow gel currently on the market! Available in four shades (two of which I have personally used), Brow This Way is the perfect product for unruly eyebrows that have a mind of their own. Keep them in place with a few strokes of the clear gel using the mascara-style wand within or achieve a fuller brow by using a tinted gel. The Blonde shade is perfect for my brows which are dark blonde in colour and sparse. This gel really does make brows appear 'fuller' and helps to frame my face when I am wearing a full face of makeup. Having said this, I still wear Brow This Way on my makeup free days because I still like fuller brows and feel tidy when I know my brows won't go astray. If I could make one suggestion to the Rimmel team it would be to taper the mascara wand within or make it shorter because for those like me with thin brows, the large wand can go beyond my brow line which makes a mess, leaving coloured gel above or below the brows. Time-poor women want an easy to use product, not have to clean up unwanted gel from their freshly applied makeup. Based on its price, natural choice of shades and its one small fault I give Brow This Way a much deserved four stars.
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