Review: Gods and Kings: The Rise And Fall Of Alexander McQueen And John Galliano by Dana Thomas

Want to know how designers John Galliano and Alexander McQueen became some of the biggest fashion influencers the world has seen? 

This captivating read by Dana Thomas is so beautifully written that once I started reading, I couldn't put it down! It is no secret that Thomas has spent years researching and uncovering the designer's timelines. Carefully written with the help of over 150 sources, Gods and Kings is an exceptional read, providing an accurate and personal insight into the lives of John Galliano and Lee 'Alexander' McQueen.

Often I have wondered how such amazing careers could lead to such a hideous down spiral however Gods and Kings has allowed me to understand how it all went wrong. Thomas' factual account is non-judgemental which allows the reader to make their own assumptions as they journey through Galliano and McQueen's time frame. Discover how McQueen came to be head designer for Givenchy, and how Galliano achieved his dream role for Dior. But not all 'dreams' are as they seem, are they?

From their childhoods through to their ultimate down falls, Gods and Kings offers revealing titbits from those who know or have known the designers on a personal or professional level. The highs and lows, ignorance and anxieties, sex and drugs, divided loyalties and jealousy - it is all here! Any preconceptions I had about Galliano and McQueen have shifted since reading this book.

As a fashion blogger I can find it difficult to describe fashion collections in a way that truly differentiates it from another. However Thomas' detailed accounts of each fashion show held were so detailed and colourful, it felt as though I was viewing the show first hand.

Which designer was more talented? Who was most hands-on when designing a new collection? How did they become the fashion icons they are known to be today, and what caused the downfall of both talented men? The answers and so much more can be found within these pages. Curl up on the lounge and enjoy!
Rating: ★★★★

Hardback RRP $59.99 | Paperback $26.99. Published by Penguin.