Review: Babs Deodorant

Babs Tea Tree Deodorant 
Price: $9.00+
Size: 60ml / 120ml
About: Naturally derived deodorant with a paste-like consistency. Packaged in a glass jar.
Review: Conscious about what you put on your skin? If antiperspirant deodorants filled with aluminium are not your thing then Babs Deodorant Tea Tree could be the perfect product for you. This impressive Australian brand is home to non-toxic, all natural chemical-free products. When I first learned of this product I was intrigued. Can a natural deodorant with a coconut oil base work wonders on body odour? Yes it can! Having relocated to Perth, where the weather is always hot, I was so impressed by how Babs Deodorant withstands the heat. Using 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, this product works to neutralise odour causing bacteria, all-the-while still letting your body sweat and expel toxins as it should. Under-arm skin is quite often ignored and I do tend to forget about this area, but Babs Skincare also moisturises, giving underarms their best treatment yet! Coconut Oil is hydrating, anti fungal and antibacterial. Shea and Cacao Butters also hydrate skin while natural Sodium Bicarbonate prevents odours, When it comes to application only a pinch is needed so a 60ml jar should last at least a month when used daily. I haven't felt the need to reapply through the day, which gives me assurance knowing there is one less thing to stress over.
Tip: Store in a cool place because heat turns coconut oil into liquid, which can be difficult or messy to apply.
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Rating: ★★★★★