Review: Laser Hair Removal (Laser Clinics Australia)

When it comes to hair removal, I have tried it all...
Shaving: daily. Such a chore!
Waxing: pretty painful for four weeks of silky smooth at most.
Epilation: torture! The memories still bring tears to my eye.
Electrolysis: ok so I didn't try this pointless method but I did practice it as a trained therapist.
IPL hair removal: worked very slowly but surely, but hair still kept on coming back.

With a world filled with technology, I would often wonder why hair removal methods still evoke pain, discomfort and the ongoing growth of hair. A few years ago laser hair removal started to become the talk of the beauty industry and women everywhere wanted to know more. Since my very first visit to Laser Clinics Australia (LCA) 18 months ago I have become a huge advocate for laser hair removal. Here I share my personal experience and answer a few frequently asked questions...

1) What is laser hair removal? There is a misconception that laser hair removal and IPL are the same but this is far from the truth and I discovered this personally. Laser Clinics Australia use a Candela GentleLASE Pro machine which works best on clients with dark hair and lighter skin, however they also use Candela GentleYAG on darker skin tone. Although laser hair removal is fairly permanent, stray hairs may grow back over time so top-up appointments are recommended. To learn the difference between laser hair removal and IPL click here.

2) Does laser hair removal actually work? Yes! While other hair removal methods temporarily give skin that fuzz-free feel, laser hair removal uses a wide beam laser which directs a shot of concentrated light into the hair follicle, stunting growth and killing hair at the root. It focuses on the removal of multiple hair follicles at the same time. Laser hair removal is a safe hair removal method as the laser is attracted directly to the dark pigment in hair. While 6-10 treatments is recommended, you will honestly notice a dramatic change after the first two and any treatments there after will make a difference to those stubborn hairs that keep on creeping about the surface. 

3) Does it hurt? While everyone has a different pain threshold, I honestly barely even feel the small, subtle rush of heat. For years I endured painful IPL hair removal because I did not realise laser hair removal was a different method altogether, so I remember feeling nervous the first time I tried laser. Guess what? I barely felt a thing... and unlike IPL, it was all over in a matter of minutes! 

4) Is laser hair removal expensive? I think of laser hair removal as an investment. It is much pricier than waxing and shaving, however the benefits and results far outweigh the cost. Laser Clinics Australia offer competitive prices and you can save money by purchasing sessions in advance. My advice is to subscribe to LCA's e-newsletter or like their Facebook page for promotions.

5) How often will I go between appointments? When starting out it is advised to give four weeks between appointments, and once the hair cycle slows then appointments can be stretched out to six weeks. 

6) Is it safe to use when pregnant? While studies on pregnant women have not been thoroughly carried out (because let's face it most pregnant women don't want their baby to be a guinea pig), Candela laser machines are safe to use based on the fact that the laser's sole focus is the hair follicle and the pigment in the hair. During my pregnancy I did notify therapists of my pregnancy and they allowed me to continue treatments at my discretion which I did until I was seven months pregnant and now I have a very happy and healthy baby boy.

7) Can my hormones change and encourage hair growth again? Yes they can and I know this from experience. After just two laser hair removal sessions (half leg, under arm and brazilian), hair growth was dramatically reduced, and six sessions on there was hardly a whisper of hair anywhere. Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy and menopause you may require a few laser hair removal top-ups as the hair started to return - but this is normal.

The final result is silky smooth, fuzz-free skin which gives me more confidence and allows me to worry about life's bigger issues. LCA's skin therapists have always impressed me with their knowledge and professionalism, so feel free to pick their brains and ask lots of questions. Laser hair removal is not just something we do for the love of beauty - it is a lifestyle decision. Save money on waxing, save time shaving and enjoy doing more of the things you love. There is no better time than today! Now please bring laser hair removal and LCA to Perth!

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*Thank you Jane and the talented team at Laser Clinics Erina Fair, my go-to salon for hair removal needs.

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