Review: Fearless by Gina Liano

Gina Liano appears to have it all: fame, fortune, looks, style and success. You could easily be mistaken in thinking that the barrister and Real Housewives of Melbourne star is no overnight wonder though but Liano has had her fair share of ups and downs. While most of us know her from hit TV series Real Housewives of Melbourne, where Liano frolics about in ultra high glitzy heels and glamorous bodycon dresses, she has also seen the not-so-glamorous side of life.

Fearless is Liano's autobiography, bringing fans closer to the woman they have come to know and love on camera. Growing up in a close Italian family in a wealthy Melbourne beachside suburb, Gina shares childhood memories from her early love of fashion, influenced greatly by her stylish mother, to her time spent in boarding school with strict nuns. Changing schools was common, and making friends was difficult and it was there in the school yard that Liano first felt compelled to help those who were teased - the underdog. Sisters Bettina and Teresa shared Liano's mutual love for fashion and while they headed in this direction, Liano had always dreamed of becoming a successful barrister. But when her parents chose to separate and move out of the family home in her final year of high school, their decision greatly impacted Liano's education as she tried to create a stable home life again. Would she give up? No, she must be fearless!

Gina is so relate-able and honest in Fearless, touching base on good and bad life experiences from marriage and divorce to children and a cancer diagnosis. With a crumbling marriage, Liano graduates as a barrister and overcomes what can only be described as a lonely personal battle with cancer. Fast forward a decade and the successful barrister is head-hunted for a new reality television series. Cue her role in the Real Housewives of Melbourne, the perfect platform for this extravagant self-confessed drag queen. Fearless is perfect for Gina fans with its informal tone and that Gina wit we have come to know and love. Her life to date has been a crazy whirlwind, although it does not look as though it is going to slow down any time soon!
Rating: ★★★★