Women Empowering Women (ft. Joan Smalls & Margaret Zhang)

Women are so hard on themselves - and each other. I should know... I am one! 
In recent times I have seen females spreading the message to support other females instead of putting them down and I couldn't agree more. Why is it so much easier to have a negative attitude than a positive one? This was on my mind when I stumbled across this beautiful shoot featuring Joan Smalls.

Shot by Margaret Zhang for Harper's Bazaar, the sophisticated images capture Smalls wearing new David Jones in-house fashion label, Studio W. This shoot is a stunning example of what can come from females supporting other females: magic simply happens (Girl Power anyone?)

I am not sure who the makeup artist was but Smalls' face is flawless and I am swooning over those bushy brows. On another note, I  am SO in love with the baby blue trench - it is my trans-seasonal must-have piece to seamlessly take you from winter to spring. Love to accessorise? If your skin tone is tanned or dark then try adding rose gold pieces with white and pastel tones because it will make your features 'pop' against the muted tones.

Support your fellow sisters!