Review: Super Green Smoothies by Sally Obermeder & Maha Koraiem

Looking for a healthy pick-me-up? Read on!
I know the importance of health, well being and fitness and so it seems everybody else does thanks to the rise of personal trainers, wellness bloggers, tea-toxes and that sports luxe trend.

I am certainly not the fittest or healthiest person out there - I love cupcakes, ice cream and chocolate, but what I do know is this: eating well and exercising really does make you feel good. On a personal level, I have dealt with lifelong anxiety and I have found the best way for me to manage it is through prescribed medication, yoga and a healthy balanced diet.

Yes but a good diet and exercise will impact positively for anyone, am I right? Indeed, and Sally Obermeder should know. You might recognise her as the co-host of Channel 7 News or The Daily Edition, and she is the founder of lifestyle website SWIISH. After suffering and overcoming a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, Obermeder bravely underwent chemotherapy and a double masectomy in a bid to survive. Feeling flat afterwards from the stress and having put on weight, she chose to take back control of her health and body, making one small change: Obermeder adopted the green smoothie lifestyle and it helped her lose over 15 kilograms!

Devised by sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem, Super Green Smoothies is a must-have book consisting of 60 delicious super charged green smoothie recipes made from nothing but healthy and wholesome fresh ingredients. Super Green Smoothies is so much more than a recipe book: it's a promise to yourself, a reminder that your body is a temple. How you choose to treat it greatly impacts on your health, thoughts and emotions which is something I really relate to. 

Are the smoothies as delicious as Obermeder and Koraiem claim? Absolutely! As I flick through page by page in hope of trying every recipe at least once, I have already found a few favourites including Mama to Be, Spiced Oatmeal & Nuts, Coconut Ice, and Berry Bash. The visually appealing book covers a range of smoothie varieties from those which are more on the fruity side, to vegetable base options and everything in between. Beautiful photography captures each smoothie in its glory, and shows Obermeder and Koraiem looking fabulous.

I really enjoyed reading of Sally's health journey and why she chose to write this book. The tips for getting started from freezing ingredients to knowing what must-have essentials are a must in the fridge/freezer made me realise that this is not a novelty - it is a lifestyle choice. Who would have figured that so much thought goes in to creating a delicious smoothie and reaping its benefits? Not me. Each smoothie recipe also explains its health benefits so you can feel good about the fuel you are feeding your body.

Super Green Smoothies is not, nor does it promise to be, a dieting book but it does promote healthy eating and the benefits of eating green. Their tip for introducing smoothies? If you don't eat a good wholesome breakfast, then enjoy a super green smoothie instead, or if microwave dinners are your thing, try having a big lunch and a green smoothie for tea. I have replaced my coffee for breakfast with a super green smoothie and I am feeling better for it. Now let's hope I can stick to a healthy diet and lose a few extra kilos too...