Review: Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer Light

Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer Light ★★★★½
Price: $39.00
About: emollient cream concealer with buildable medium/full coverage. Packaged in a glass jar with twist lid. 
Review: When is the best time to put a concealer to the test? How about after having your first baby, realising that you now do household chores until 4pm? And did I mention the luxury of having 5 hours of broken sleep? Yes this is the perfect time to put The One Concealer Light to the test because my dark circles are not going away any time soon! The One Concealer Light is one of the best concealers I have ever used. With its thick consistency flaws are hidden in a matter of moments, and dark circles are replaced with bright eyes thanks to its highlighting formula. This clever concealer really does brighten and conceal all at once, hence why Napoleon thinks it is 'the one' concealer you need. A few weeks ago I did not have the worry of dark circles but now I am waking to a newborn through the night, dark circles are here to stay and The One Concealer Light works hard to eradicate their existence. It's a huge relief knowing this concealer can help to reduce the appearance of flaws thanks to its buildable coverage that looks natural when applied correctly. For best results use your ring finger to gently warm up the product and blend it into the skin. Pimples, broken capillaries and dark circles are a thing of the past with The One Concealer Light. For those of you who have tanned or medium skin tones, try the original formula as Light is for fairer skinned beauties.
Tip: Apply the formula gradually and build up the coverage.