The End Is Only The Beginning...

I have waited 9 months for this moment. That's 40 weeks. 280 days. Almost a year! Alas the wait is almost over and I am so relieved. While I have endured a relatively smooth pregnancy, the past few weeks have really taken their toll on me and grated on my nerves. 

While I love my pregnant body and embrace my new curves, I am really looking forward to having my uterus back!!! Today I feel like a disgusting fat blob: uncomfortable and ready to take back what is mine! I am ready to embrace the body I had before, with or without the six-pack that once modestly hid under my clothing. I am ready to work with stretch marks that have lined my butt and thighs.

Pregnancy changes your life in a huge way - especially when it is your first. One minute you can do everything you want WHEN you want to, HOWEVER you want to. By the end of this week my life is going to change yet again - life will no longer be about me and my journey but also for my little one. I can't wait for my little bundle of joy to arrive and I am ready to embrace the changes ahead.

What is the biggest change you have ever chosen to make?