Review: PuraSonic Classic

PuraSonic Classic ★★★★★
Price: $99.00
Contains: Purasonic Facial Cleansing Device, gentle brush head, everyday brush head, waterproof stand, Magna-Link charger and power pack.
About: sonic cleansing system containing a facial cleansing brush head designed to massage the skin whilst cleansing and removing makeup. Assists in the effective removal of impurities by giving a deeper, thorough cleanse. Hand-held device is boxed with instructions and the above-mentioned containments. Available in white, grey, lilac and pink.
Review: I am a big fan of facial cleansing bushes - a big fan, and while PuraSonic is not unique to sonic cleansing brushes, it certainly makes a statement and competes with much-loved original competitors. Using oscillating technology to create over 300 movements per second, the waterproof PuraSonic cleans skin to perfection. When used in conjunction with a makeup remover or cleanser, this fantastic facial cleansing brush works hard at taking away makeup, gently buffing dry skin cells and leaving skin clean overall. Skin feels soft and smooth after every cleanse, and skin really benefits when it is this clean because skincare absorbs most efficiently on a clean base. 

Using this in the shower is a breeze: simply apply cleanser or makeup remover to damp skin, turn on PuraSonic and then run the brush over skin in gentle circular motions whilst holding the handle for precision. The powerful battery means PuraSonic requires charging once a month on average - perfect for a new mother with a baby! I dislike using the charger overnight because PuraSonic's charger has bright lights which pulse over and over again... they are so bright and flashy in fact that I would worry about someone with epilepsy coming into contact with them. I stand by claims that PuraSonic is 9 times more efficient than manual cleansing because with the use of water alone cleansing is virtually useless. PuraSonic has three speed options to suit your skin's needs and with a gentle and everyday brush to choose from, the brush can be customised to your liking, all for less than $100. The smart timer turns off the cleansing brush after 1 minute, and pauses at 20 second intervals. Spend 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds over the nose, chin and lips, and 10 seconds per cheek. If time permits I like to cleanse and massage over the neck and decolletage also, otherwise I will run the brush for another round to clean those areas as well. 

While this product should not be shared by household members, people will want to use it once the secret is out! And men can enjoy this unisex sonic cleansing brush too. PuraSonic is beautifully moulded to hold with ease and does not weigh too much, meaning it can be carried in the gym bag or taken with you when travelling. Having normal/dry skin which builds up super quick (daily) over the nose and chin and blackheads in those built-up areas, I constantly seek new products to address this issue and thankfully PuraSonic has helped to keep issues at bay. Don't be alarmed if skin breaks out slightly - PuraSonic initially encourages small pimples to appear because skin is stimulated more than usual. Is PuraSonic worth the sonic cleansing hype? Absolutely. It is affordable, safe, stylish and really works hard to keep skin clean. Skin will look brighter and clearer after just a few uses and you will notice improvements almost right away.