Review: Ella Bache Paris Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme

Ella Bache Paris Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme
Price: $105.00
Size: 50ml
About: super hydrating, nourishing and repairing face moisturiser with a rich, creamy consistency. Packaged in a glass jar with lid. 
Review: There are few products I discover what a 'wow factor' but this moisturiser certainly has that appeal and I am truly impressed. Ella Bache Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme is one of the most beautiful moisturisers I have ever tried. The ultra-rich and hydrating formula is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types and has greatly improved my skin's condition through pregnancy. In just a matter of days I started to see the difference ... how is that so when skin takes around 30 days to renew? But this is not magic - it is simply a beautifully perfected formula which truly lives up to its claims. Enriched with super hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hyraluronic Grape Flower Essence and Hydraline, Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme hydrates, heals skin, and reinforces epidermal function to assist the skin's outermost layer with retaining moisture. Sure thee are a lot of claims to live up to, but it really does do this and so much more. To me Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme is an experience. The opulent glass jar is luxurious and the twist lid with freshness seal helps the product stay fresher for longer. The scent too is luxurious and refined with floral notes and while it does smell beautiful, the scent does not linger on skin for long and will not irritate. I adore the extremely rich pulp-like creamy goodness inside the jar which glides over skin and instantly leaves skin with a smooth and silky texture. While I personally try not to spend more than $85 per skincare product, this is a 5-star product and I would have no hesitation on breaking the budget to spend that little bit extra in the winter time to guarantee healthy and hydrated skin because just 5 weeks ago my skin was really dehydrated and skin was crepey because my regime at the time could not cope with my changing skin's demands and now my skin has bounced back in a big way, leaving me to focus on life's ore important challenges. Like giving birth in just a few days time! Ella Bache Hydra-Revitalising Creme de la Creme is the first Ella Bache retail product I have tried and it absolutely won't be my last.
Tip: A little goes a really long way so be sure to use sparingly.