Review: Expecting A Baby? by Dr Penelope Law

Wow, what a compelling book for new mothers!
If, like me, you are currently expecting your first child then congratulations!!! Isn't it the most exciting and daunting journey you have ever ventured on in this lifetime? I certainly think so, and although I hail from a large family, the prospect of becoming a full time mum to my own child is simply mind blowing and a little beyond belief. Pregnancy can seem daunting to women whether it is their first or their fifth, however us newbies can really panic about what to expect when pregnant. 

Expecting A Baby? has made a huge difference on my feelings and expectations through pregnancy to date. Published in April 2014, this Australian book contains the most up-to-date information a parent could possibly ask for. This extensive read covers just about everything: conception, weekly updates, antenatal care options, health topics such as diet and exercise; immunisations and complications; pregnancy appointments; advice for older mothers; labour - preparation and phases; miscarriage; natural childbirth vs. caesarean; premature birth; breastfeeding; and the first 6 weeks of your child's life.

I started reading Expecting A Baby? around the 12 week mark and here I am going in to my 36th week still reading the wonderful tid-bits of information and helpful advice that this book has to offer. Authored in conjunction with Dr Sarah Clements, Dr Penelope Law writes this book in a friendly, down-to-earth manner which is both easy to read and understand without confusing medical terminology. The beautiful images within documents the journey of expectant parents from pregnancy until the baby is 6 weeks old and if you were not feeling maternal before, these captivating images are sure to change those feelings!

Expecting A Baby? is truly THE best book for expectant mothers and fathers. In fact I stand by this claim so much that I have never felt the need to pick up another pregnancy book through the duration of my pregnancy. And why would you when Expecting A Baby? pretty much covers every single topic and a week-to-week account of your pregnancy to help guide you through. For any questions I required a instant answer to whilst pregnant such as 'can I eat feta cheese while pregnant?' I turned to Google for advice from mothers who have been there and conquered. Whilst my partner is not into reading books I do read aloud information which he finds useful. I showed him diagrams and explained the birthing/delivery process long before we attended our first antenatal class. Much to my joy, the book has been so informative that he has since decided not to film the baby's birth (thank you Dr Law)!

Although still a few weeks until my bub arrives, I now feel so much more knowledgeable about what is to come thanks to antenatal classes and Expecting A Baby? This book is a wonderful refresher course for when you forget what was taught in birthing class. Sure, I am not excited about the idea of the painful labour that lays ahead, but I am feeling more prepared knowing how my body has already changed to accommodate for delivery as well as what to expect during and after the big day arrives.