Campaign: Myer Mother's Day (featuring Rachael Finch & Daughter)

How adorable are these two! Myer Ambassador Rachael Finch and daughter Violet shot these beautiful images for Mother's Day at Myer - and the images speak for themselves. 18-month old Violet is a natural in front of the camera lens!

In the past I never truly identified with Mother's Day. Maybe it's because I have no children of my own or that I don't have a mother to share the occasion with. But this year is different - I will become a mother in just a few weeks... and Rachael's loving images with Violet really touched me and pulled on my heart strings.

Rachael shared with Myer her thoughts on being a mum, "I have finally come to the realisation that mum really does know best. Having Violet has changed my life completely and opened my eyes to a lot, including early mornings. Every day is completely different but each has a new challenge, reward and loving moment. I think it’s very important to cherish the support around you so you can enjoy every moment. This Mother’s Day I am saying thank you to my mum and I am excited about being one!" On that note, I am excited to become a mum and cherish these precious moments too.,,

What is the best thing about your mum? Or being a mum?