Maybelline New York Celebrates 100 Years of Beauty + Competition!

Maybelline in 1915
Maybelline in 1918
Maybelline in 1918
Maybelline in 1930's
Maybelline in 1930's
Maybelline in 1940's
Maybelline in 1940's
Maybelline in 1970's
Maybelline in 1970's
Maybelline in 1980's
Maybelline in 2004
Maybelline in 2009
Maybelline in 2011

First I would like to sincerely wish Maybelline New York a happy centenary - 100 years of beauty is a huge achievement. Since its launch in 1915, Maybelline has been making waves in the beauty industry from its unique cake mascara which launched in 1918, to its award winning Great Lash Mascara which has occupied cosmetics cases since 1971. Every second of the day someone in the world is buying/applying a Maybelline New York product. For the past century the brand has endlessly invented and reinvented products whilst championing women's rights. Here, here!

Maybelline's Timeline of Success: 
1915: Thomas Williams develops a mail-order lash and brow product inspired by his sister Maybel Williams.
1930: The first Maybelline eye shadow, cream mascara and eyebrow pencils launch. Until now most 'nice girls' did not wear coloured eye shadow. 
1950: The brand becomes one of the first beauty brands to advertise on TV.
1960: International distribution commences.
1971: Great Lash Mascara is born. Today one tube of Great Lash Mascara is sold every 1.2 seconds.
1990: L'Oreal group acquires Maybelline and creates the famous motto, 'Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.'
2000: Maybelline New York launches Dream Matte Mousse which reigns supreme 15 years on.
2010: The Falsies Mascara launches and quickly becomes the world's #1 mascara.
2015: Maybelline New York now reigns runways, partnering with designers around the world.

Competition: to celebrate 100 years of beauty, Maybelline NY + Spoilt are giving 3 Maybelline NY 100th Anniversary packs to Spoilt readers. Click here to enter.

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