Review: Nanny Confidential by Philippa Christian

Earning a wage of $500,000 per year, travelling to tropical island via private jet and owning a closet full of designer gear are some of the perks of Philippa Christian's job. Does it sound surreal? Of course it does which is why Christian put pen to paper to create a fictional novel loosely based on the ups and downs of her career. Brought up in Melbourne's Brighton, real life nanny to the stars Christian has lived and worked with famous families for over 15 years. She remains professional and loyal to clients, vowing to never 'dish the dirt' or photograph them without makeup for a cool $280,000 pay check! Christian chose to become a nanny for the love of the job.

If you love the idea of celebrities, fame and fortune then this novel is for you. Ms Christian is a natural at writing light-hearted fiction. She's super easy to relate to with her Australian charm, laid back persona and extensive knowledge as a nanny which shines through the pages of Nanny Confidential. Although this novel is a fictional read (and contains a disclaimer which claims that the novel is exactly that), I couldn't help but wonder how many stories told by Lindsay Starwood are based on the real lives of the wealthy and elite. And while the author and her character Lindsay have been sworn to secrecy in order to protect employers, Nanny Confidential keeps you guessing about the identity of its fictional characters time and time again. This recent release is so easy to read - it is approachable, interesting, witty and never dull. Christian writes with a rounded sense of humour and honesty, and showcases her modest Aussie personality through the pages of Nanny Confidential. Although Lindsay Starwood travels the world and earns more money than she can poke a stick at, I can relate to the book's main character because she is so down to earth (apart from her designer wardrobe so large it takes three removal vans to move - swoon!) 

Nanny Confidential showcases the lives of nanny's in the elite social scene from the good, to the bad and the ugly. From parents who don't spend time with their children, to celebrities who go into hiding with each sex scandal that comes to light. Then there's the need for nannies to be on call at all times - day and night. Like her fictional character. Christian claims that the work of a nanny is demanding, with long hours and quite commonly working outside the job description, and more often than not with a lack of appreciation fromthe employer. On the other hand Christian declares her love for the industry, the children whom she has worked with,protected and raised. And of course the paid perks of the job make it all the more worthwhile. Why else do you think she has been in the industry for 15 years? Pick up a copy of Nanny Confidential and you too will discover that this book is hard to put pack down. Warning: You just might read it in one sitting!
Rating: ★★★★★

Nanny Confidential by Philippa Christian RRP $24.99. Published by Allen & Unwin.