Review: Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light)

Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light) ★★★★★
Price: $147.00
Size: 50ml

About: firming and lifting day moisturiser with a lighter consistency, ideal for oilier skin types. reinforces skin's density and connective tissues for an anti-ageing effect. Packaged in a glass jar.

Review: A light textured moisturiser which can double as a day and night cream, Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light) has been reformulated yet again to offer the very best in anti-age skincare. Enriched with multi-tension technology designed to precisely target the unfortunate effects of skin sagging, Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light) was welcomed into my beauty regime without hesitation because for years I have disliked the sagging skin under my neck. Although others might not notice the sagging skin at the top of my neck and chin, I have disliked it to the point of consulting with cosmetic surgeons for their advice to tighten the area. Beautyheaven gave me the opportunity to trial this product for a week and in this short period of time I found it difficult to gauge results as good as those claims made by researchers about this new product. In the short time frame I did notice that my facial features appeared slightly more contoured. Time has since passed and 6 weeks later I have truly given this day cream a test drive and results are fantastic - my jowls are not as obvious, my skin feels silky smooth and appears even without makeup, I am rather surprised by the positive transformation in this short frame of time - especially considering I am currently pregnant and putting on weight means that my neck and chin area have become more pronounced of late.

What is most impressive about Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light) is the application directions provided by Lancome to help the product work its magic. Lancome believe that by using gentle upwards motions along the neck, jaw line, chin, cheek and forehead, Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream (Light) will lift and firm skin more effectively - and it really does seem to. The lovely lightweight formula blends over skin with ease, never leaving a thick or excess residue. The original (classic) Renergie cream contains Vitamin A but Renergie Multi-Lift does not so it is safe to use when pregnant and also does not make skin prone to skin sensitivity in the sun. The floral scent can be detected on the skin for a few seconds after it has been applied but it soon fades. Its packaging is classy, timeless and very true to the Lancome heritage. The jar is effortless to open and the product inside applies easily with the use of fingertips. Overall I am rather impressed with this product and hope the contoured results I am starting to see will increase overtime because gravity is not a friend of mine!