Review: It Works! Lip & Eye Cream

It Works! Lip & Eye Cream ★★★
Price: $49.00
Size: 15g
About: hydrating lip and eye cream made from natural ingredients. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with nozzle applicator. 
Review: It Works! Lip & Eye is a hydrating skincare product designed to prevent the onset of fine lines around eyes and lips, and puffiness of the eyes. Using natural ingredients, this formula offers a subtle tightening effect on delicate skin of the eyes and lips - and the result is instant from the moment it hits the skin. Lip & Eye provides a tensor effect, meaning that the product smooths skin immediately, visibly lifting and restoring skin. I have used Lip & Eye over a four week period and in this time I have noticed skin around my eyes looks smooth and feels a little firmer too. While I would love to see brightening properties from Lip & Eye, this product does not claim to brighten, which is a shame as adding brightening properties to the formula would make this product an all-in-one winner.. I do have a smile line around my mouth which I would like to test Lip & Eye on, however during the trial period I spent more time focusing on its benefits on skin around eyes. As I only applied around my lips a few times, Lip & Eye has not yet made a significant difference to the lip area - but certainly firms the area upon contact with the skin - impressive. I was surprised to discover that the white gel formula smells subtly of men's cologne to me however is made of natural ingredients such as Rose Flower Water, Aloe leaf extract to soothe, Jojoba to hydrate, Ginseng root extract to pep the skin, and Chamomile flower extract to calm.  Packaged in a small grey plastic tube with twist lid, Lip & Eye is a unisex product ideal for taking with you when travelling and perfect for couples for share.
Tip: for best results apply every morning, and evening before bed time.