Review: It Works! Facial Cleanser Gel

It Works! Facial Cleanser Gel ★★½
Price: $55.00
Size: 180ml
About: facial cleansing gel made from natural ingredients. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube bottle.
Review: Love a foaming face wash without that squeaky clean skin feeling? Rejoice because It Works! Facial Cleanser Gel cleans skin without stripping it of moisture, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean after each wash. Enriched with botanicals such as chamomile extract, marigold flower extract, lavender and orange oils, this unisex cleanser is the go-to cleanser for your entire household to share. Suitable for all skin types, Facial Cleanser Gel not only cleanses skin, but removes makeup from the skin's surface. While It Works! claims that Facial Cleanser Gel eliminates makeup from the skin, for best results I still encourage using a makeup remover or face oil beforehand. At first I disliked the watery formula because water is Facial Cleanser Gel's main ingredient and therefore adding water to the formula simply watered it down furthermore. Therefore my best advice is to apply a good 50c piece size and simply massage it over damp skin over the face and neck. To ensure a smooth and non-drying finish, be sure to wash all traces of cleanser off the skin. Considering Facial Cleanser Gel is made of natural ingredients, the scent does not smell natural - more like it was made in a scientific laboratory - which makes it smell unisex but certainly not overly appealing. The packaging is easy to use and stands upright so all product drains easy through the nozzle. I think Facial Cleanser Gel is a little overpriced, especially considering the product is mostly water-based, but I am impressed with the overall result.