Review: Clinique Cheek Pop

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush ★★★★
Price: $40.00
Size: 3.5g
About: vibrant pressed powder blush with a dry mousse/gel consistency. Packaged in a plastic compact.
Review: Cheek Pop is the best! I have never come across another blush with a pressed powder and gel consistency all blended into one but it makes the formula truly unique. Clinique are not lying when they claim that Cheek Pop is virtually powderless because at first glance the formula appears to be a creme blush. Although Cheek Pop only comes in four shades, you can be sure that this blush truly packs a punch in the colour stakes. Simply gradually build up the colour on the apples of cheeks and blend back along the cheekbone toward the hairline. The shades in the range are simply beautiful and all different so there's no need to stop at one - choose two at a time and alternate to change your mood or to transform your day look to an evening look. Cheek Pop is really well priced because the heavily pigmented formula lasts a long time - only a little is needed. Peach Pop is my current favourite shade because peach accentuates all skin tones and always gives skin a healthy glow. This blush lasts all day long, staying beautiful and fresh as the hours pass. The packaging is slimline and compact making it perfect for carrying with you if you would prefer, although a touch up will not be necessary unless you wish to add more for an evening look. The scent is very subtle and almost non-existent, and the formula is so gentle I would recommend it for all skin types without hesitation. Next time you purchase a blush be sure to head to a Clinique counter and purchase Cheek Pop because it will not disappoint.
Tip: a little goes a long way so apply gradually and be sure to blend before diving in for more.