Review: Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Revitalizing Creamy Foam Cleanser

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Revitalizing Creamy Foam Cleanser ★★★★½
Price: $35.00
Size: 150ml
About: facial cleanser designed to cleanse skin, remove traces of makeup and other impurities and encourage healthy skin. Packaged in a plastic tube with flip lid on the base.
Review: For years I have been fascinated by the Philosophy beauty brand but I have only ever tried a couple of their products so I was only too thrilled to trial the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar range of products. Technically Revitalizing Creamy Foam Cleanser is not packaged in a jar like other products in this range but don’t let that make you question its effectiveness because this cleanser is awesome. A super emollient formula, this foaming cleanser really does give a squeaky-clean finish and while I did originally wish the formula was less emollient, I then changed my mind because if no more than a pea-sized amount of Revitalising Creamy Foam Cleanser is all you need per wash, then this product is going to last months! 

As mentioned, Renewed Hope in a Jar Cleanser does give skin a squeaky-clean finish so add water as you foam up the product and then apply it to skin to prevent that dry, tight feeling. The first time I used Revitalising Creamy Foam Cleanser I used way too much – so much that I could have washed my whole body in it. I had no idea just how concentrated the formulation is. Designed to hydrate, cleanse and refresh skin, I am really impressed with its dual cleansing properties. Almost completely removing my makeup every single time had me considering cutting out the use of a makeup remover. The light floral scent is pleasant, not overbearing in the slightest and matches the scent of the face cream in the Renewed Hope in a Jar range. The squeeze tube packaging is convenient as is its flip lid on the base which allows it to stand upright. This product is priced right and well worth the money. Give it a try and expect to be impressed.