Review: Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector ★★½
Price: $88.00
Size: 15g
About: anti-wrinkle product designed to target existing wrinkles and instantly reduce their appearance. Packaged in a plastic tube with twist lid.
Review: This is the first Mary Kay product I have used to date. While I was open-minded about this product, my expectations were still a little high based on product reviews I had seen. Having only just the one wrinkle on my face (one small smile-line that is permanently etched on my face) I was hoping that Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector would work its magic to reduce the wrinkle's unsightly appearance. The formula is thick in consistency and the tube requires a firm squeeze to help it release. The translucent/white formula melts into the skin with ease - simply press it over the area of concern and gently blend until the product disappears. At first glance Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector instantly smooths out the wrinkles and blurs it appearance just as a pore minimiser temporarily blurs pores, but after of two weeks use, my smile line wrinkle is still present and has not reduced in size. This was a bit disappointing considering a few factors:
1) Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector has received a number of positive reviews from consumers.
2) This product is the result of extensive studies conducted at Mary Kay Research Centre.
3) At this price point, I would expect Timewise Plus+ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector to at least meet my expectations and fulfil the brand's claims.

The formula claims to effectively target all six wrinkle zones of the face: forehead, between brows, around eyes and lips, smile lines and marionette lines between the nose and mouth. It is formulated with Volu-Fill volumising technology as well as hyaluronic acids, retinol and amino acids. How long does it take to work its magic? It is hard to say but I would recommend allowing for a month at least because two weeks just wasn't enough time.