Review: Luma Illuminating Highlighter

Luma Illuminating Highlighter ★★★★★
Price: $24.95
About: illuminating product for the face with creamy-wax consistency designed to highlight skin and create a natural glow on the skin. Packaged in a baby pink plastic compact with mirror.
Review: It can be difficult to find an illuminator which really works its magic but Luma Illuminating Highlighter is fantastic and has become one of my top five to date. Featuring a lovely lightweight creamy consistency, Illuminating Highlighter gives skin that natural glow from within. Personally I prefer to wear this product of an evening because I find illuminating products by day can appear harsh on skin and even artificial. When placed on the skin in the right areas and worn in the evening, Illuminating Highlighter enhances skin's appearance. It detracts from tired, sallow skin and gives radiance. Evening light is different to daylight hence why skin can benefit from a little extra glow. If you have not used a highlighting product before then remember the key rule: apply little by little. Using your ring finger gently press your finger into the product and then tap it on skin in the following areas: along cheekbones, the cupid's bow on upper lip, down the bridge of your nose and along the brow bone directly under your brow. While I prefer to wear this product over my foundation, it can be worn without makeup over moisturiser, or blended into your foundation to create a dewy glow. Available in the one shade to suit all skin types, Illuminating Highlighter is infused with a blend of mineral pigments as well as moisturising properties thanks to Candelila, Beeswax and Vitamin E. Made up of 85% natural ingredients, this highlighting formula is paraben free. Jessica Hart I applaud you on Luma Cosmetics because you have really nailed it with this one!