Review: Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment

Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment ★★★★

Price: $12.69
About: shaving razor which lathers, shaves and moisturises skin. Comes with a shower hanger.
Review: When you need to shave legs daily, it would be fair to say you expect a certain level of performance and for years Schick razors had failed to live up to these expectations so I really wanted to try Intuition Pure Nourishment and give it a chance. Featuring four blades surrounded by a solid skin moisturising block makes this razor seem quite at bulky so a few years ago when I used Intuition Pure Nourishment for the first time I hated it and gave up after 5 uses. That was until a friend of mine told me to persist with it and find the right angle and so I did. Once you do it is a total cinch and your legs will soon feel smooth and hydrated thanks to the hydrating film the moisturising block leaves on skin. When it came to my knees, I become slightly exasperated because Intuition Pure Nourishment struggles to glide around the curves without missing areas but as mentioned with a little persistence finding the right angle, you will no longer experience this - so hang in there. I do love that this razor is hydrating, infused with coconut milk and sweet almond oil and have seen a few different varieties come on the market over time. I wish that the moisturising block didn't tend to disintegrate as quickly as it does because once I get down to the razor, it feels rather blunt and drags along skin without getting all of the hair so it loses a star for that reason but all-in-all this is currently my favourite razor.