Cleo Promotes Body Confidence With Aussie Role Models

“My advice would be to find happiness in what you do. If you are happy with the way you live, all the other areas of your life will fall into place naturally.” Lauryn Eagle.
“Bikini confidence is in your mind. Everyone has some sort of issue with their body, but others will say you look great, so keep telling yourself that.” Anna Heinrich
“Love what you have. No two bodies are the same, so don’t compare yourself to others on the beach. There’s only one you in the world, so why not embrace it?” Jesinta Campbell
“When you’re standing tall, it really transforms your body - that’s my bikini confidence tip!” Laura Dundovic
“Find a swimsuit that suits your body shape and is a comfortable fit. If you feel comfortable, you will feel sexy and ooze confidence automatically.” Nikki Phillips
“I used to be riddled with negative self-talk. These days, I believe in myself, and have cultivated a really positive outlook on life and I practise self-love daily.” Rochelle Fox

Congratulations Cleo for promoting positive body image in time for bikini season by enlisting popular Aussie babes to promote such an important reminder to so many women. Although women understand the importance of eating well and exercising, we constantly pick at our bodies and appearance which creates insecurity. The campaign features Jacinta Campbell, Laura Dundovic, Rochelle Fox, Lauryn Eagle, Anna Heinrich and Nikki Phillips.

Let's get inspired by these lovely ladies and share our own body confidence mantras. Personally I would have loved Tully Smyth, Ruby Rose, Robyn Lawley, Emily Skye and Samantha Harris to have also featured in this campaign. Next time perhaps Cleo??

My Mantra: "We are our own harshest critic, so if you can't learn to love yourself, how can you expect others to? Stand proud and always feel beautiful."

What is your body confidence advice?