Must-Have Beauty Travel Essentials

Love to travel without the added baggage of beauty products? 
Travel light with these handy beauty essentials and enjoy the extra room in your suitcase...

This clever compact AC dryer features a unique twist and fold handle to make it ideal for travelling. It dries hair as fast as your regular hair dryer, and leaves hair smooth and static free thanks to its Ionic Conditioning Technology. Suitable for all hair types AC Pro Twist is convenient and affordable.

For the best anti-ageing flight essentials, you can't look past these wonderous products to keep skin hydrated and cared for whilst jet-setting. This hydrating and anti-ageing kit contains a day face cream, eye cream for day, night face cream and eye cream for night. Best of all, Travel Light Kit is suitable for all skin types.

We all keep facial cleansing wipes on hand because, let's face it, they are lifesavers at 1am when you want to roll in to bed and still need to remove your makeup. Over the years facial cleansing wipes have advanced and now contain anti-ageing ingredients too. Swisspers Rosehip Facial Wipes are infused with rosehip oil and aloe extracts to hydrate skin whilst removing makeup. They are also alcohol free and suitable for all skin types. The clasp lid also ensures they don't dry out. 'Nuff said.

This wondrous travel kit really does seem to have it all! Made from all natural ingredients (which might I add smell heavenly), it contains an exfoliating cleanser to cleanse and buff off dead skin, hydrating day cream, overnight renewal cream, hand cream to soothe and hydrate hands, and pure jojoba oil to hydrate and heal super dry/damaged skin and even smooth hair cuticles. Valued at $59, the only thing missing is eye cream.

Your go-to product when in need of a skin rescue, this new product from BioElixia is a clever multi-tasker. And multi-tasking products go a long way when travelling. Suited especially to sensitive skin, Multi-Purpose Rescue Balm will soothe and heal rough, red and uncomfortable skin with its gentle blend of ingredients including Vitamin E, Chamomile, Rose floral waters and Lavender. Its wonder ingredient Vital ET ensures these ingredients quickly work on skin to soothe and calm inflammation whilst healing. This lightweight tube can be thrown in your suitcase without weighing you down.

What are your travel essentials?