Review: Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil ★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 25ml
About: super hydrating rose hip oil made from certified organic ingredients. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Packaged in a glass bottle with pipette applicator. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.
Review: Sukin Facial Treatment Oil is a beautiful all natural product. Ideal to use on all areas of the face, Sukin's Facial Treatment Oil drenches skin with hydration thanks to its formula rich in essential fatty acids thanks to rose hip oil. It also contains Vitamin E for anti-ageing and to reduce the appearance of flaws on the skin. While I have used Sukin Facial Treatment Oil once daily for the past four weeks, I cannot say my skin has seen a dramatic improvement in appearance. My skin is feeling soft, and plump yes but overall the oil is so rich it tends to sit on the skin, taking time to absorb. Therefore when I apply Facial Treatment Oil of an evening my skin tends to feel a little oily in the morning, but only a little. This means that if I do not cleanse skin thoroughly of a morning then it affects makeup application preventing flawless application. While Sukin suggests that Facial Treatment Oil can be used alone or as a serum I personally find that this alone is hydrating enough for my combination skin. Sukin Facial Treatment Oil contains Jojoba Oil to lock in moisture, Calendula, Rosehip oil and Maracuja oil as well as beta-carotene to even skin's appearance. I love the fact this certified organic product is safe to use and oh-so-affordable. This is a lovely formulation which would be perfect for dry skin and sensitive skin types because it is both gentle and luxuriant.
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