Review: Sukin BioNatural Skin Oil

Sukin BioNatural Skin Oil ★★★★
Price: $14.95
Size: 60 ml
About: hydrating body oil designed to reduce the appearance of scarring and pigmentation. Designed for all skin types, especially dry skin. Packaged in a plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: I admittedly forget to pay attention to my body care routine as closely as I do with face care. BioNatural Skin Oil, the latest addition to Sukin's body range, may have finally convinced me to hydrate my skin after showering every single day instead of a couple of times a week. At first glance BioNatural Skin Oil is packaged in a lovely 60 ml bottle which is small for body care so I didn't think it would last too long. I was wrong. Having used this almost every day for a month, my BioNatural Skin Oil is still half full. The formula is so hydrating and ideal for those with even the driest of skin - I constantly apply this product to dry skin on my hands and let it absorb and soften skin. While a moisturiser will hydrate skin cells, it is still necessary to exfoliate skin occasionally to prep skin and give it the best chance to absorb product. The lightweight oil takes a couple of minutes to absorb but does not leave a residue. Its pump applicator is just terrific because it disperses product without spitting out like I had guessed it would do. The scent is lovely and natural thanks to the oil being enriched with three different oils: tamanu, carrot seed and rosehip. BioNatural Skin Oil also contains Vitamins C, F and E to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. So did BioNatural Skin Oil live up to its claims? Well it does hydrate skin and a little goes a really long way but there are no changes to the appearance of my scars and stretch marks which is a shame. Having said that though I do love the fact that BioNatural Skin Oil is made from all natural ingredients and the price point makes it accessible for all which gives it bonus brownie points. So would I buy this again? In a heartbeat.
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