Review: Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush

Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush ★★★★★
Price: $199.95
About: cordless daily facial cleansing brush designed to thoroughly cleanse skin, remove makeup and smooth skin's appearance. Features a battery pack to recharge and a brush stand.
Review: VisaPure is amazing! I have trialled a couple of facial cleansing brushes over time but this would have to be my favourite. The waterproof product is safe to use in the shower and does not require charging until about ten uses. The brush head oscillates super quickly, its gentle bristles glide over skin to cleanse and polish to perfection. Once turned on, the brush head oscillates for 60 seconds, pausing however every 20 seconds so that each interval focuses on areas of the face: left side, right side, and the forehead. Once finished, VisaPure turns itself off and is ready to place in its stand util next time. VisaPure's pretty pink handle was thoughtfully designed to make it easy to grip and therefore its power button sits flush on the handle also. VisaPure is relatively lightweight and easy to use - simply dampen skin and the VisaPure brush head with warm water, apply cleanser or makeup remover to skin and then allow VisaPure to work its magic on your skin. Apply it to the skin in circular motions and rinse once after use. Within 60 seconds skin will be clean, free of makeup and unnecessary grime. Perfect! I use VisaPure once a day however it can be used with your skincare regime up to twice daily. What makes this facial cleansing brush better than manual cleansing? The brush picks up and removes makeup that I usually miss when doing it with cleanser alone. It leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother than a manual cleanse would. Using VisaPure also helps to prevent acne because it leaves skin fresh and free from residue. The brush is really easy to clean: simply dampen the bristles and run makeup remover through them until free from residue. Now that I am a proud owner of VisaPure I cannot see my beauty regime without this product and notice a great deal of difference when I cleanse without it. VisaPure is fabulous value for money as it can be used over and over and over...
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