Review: Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+

Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 30+ ★★★
Price: $19.55
Size: 50ml
About: anti-ageing day cream designed to hydrate, prevent the onset of ageing and to renew skin. Packaged in a luxe glass jar with plastic twist lid.
Review: When I received this product to review, I was feeling pretty confident that it would live up to its claims. Designed with hydration and anti-ageing in mind, Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream claims to moisturise and protect skin, whilst supporting in the natural repair of skin cells with results in up to two weeks. Having used it for four weeks, and knowing that it takes approximately four weeks for skin cells to renew, it is safe to say that I have allowed enough time to assess these claims. When I removed the lid for the very first time I first noticed the creamy formula which laid within, followed by the pleasant floral scent which is not overbearing. The formula itself is so rich and creamy and glides over the skin with ease, leaving my skin with a superb silky smooth finish - like baby's skin. While I found Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream hydrated, my skin is quite dry this winter and this day cream could not seem to keep up with my skin's demands. Sure skin was left feeling soft as butter and hydrated upon application but skin was dry again within 2-3 hours and with a 9 hour work day ahead of me, my skin seemed to dry out through the day. Makeup application was easy on some days and difficult on other days when my skin was dry, you see my skin builds up quickly and becomes flaky when dry and while Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream tried its best to keep up, it did not seem to be as reliable as I had hoped for. This product contains sunscreen and knowing that I could leave home with SPF 30+ sun protection on my face was a relief because I am big on sunscreen. Did this product defend against fine lines and wrinkles? It was very difficult to tell because my skin became dehydrated during use of this product which led to crêpey skin. I do not experience age spots on my skin and therefore could not determine whether Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream reduces their appearance. Nivea also does not specify which skin types this day cream is best suited for so I assume it targets all skin types. I do not tend to use skincare products priced under $15 as I don't understand how they can work as effectively as those which are more expensive and contain more effective or expensive ingredients but I wanted to give this one a chance. Unfortunately it was not right for me and I did not find its CoEnzyme Q10 turbo energy boost did all that much to hel renew my skin. The white glass jar with its plastic lid is a lovely solid jar of goodness but keep it on the bathroom vanity because it is heavy and would probably smash if dropped. Nivea Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Creamis a lovely product based on its price point, presentation and claims but I have to give it three stars as it did not blow me away.
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