Review: Eyeko Brow Gel

Eyeko Brow Gel ★★★★
Price: $32.95
About: tinted brow gel designed to help unruly brows stay put. Packaged in a lightweight tube with mascara brush wand applicator.
Review: If you have ever experienced unruly brows which are difficult to tame then you need to try using brow gel. Not just any brow gel, you need Eyeko Brow Gel. A tinted formula that glides over brow hairs and dries in seconds without any mess, Eyeko Brow Gel is easy to apply and sets quickly to keep makeup application fuss-free. Currently available in just the one shade, the Eyeko brow tint is a little dark for those of us with fair brows and Eyeko Brow Gel has lost a star for this reason. If this is the only negative then I guess you can say this product is near perfect because there is nothing else to fault. Application is so easy: simply glide the brush over each brow and watch the gel work its magic, In moments it sets brow hairs and tints to give brows a fuller appearance. The gel dries soft and appears natural, unlike some which feel stiff once dried. A little goes a long way so you can confidently enjoy months of applications before Brow Gel will run dry. Still not convinced? Groomed brows are all the rage and Eyeko Brow Gel is a 2013 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award winner. Now that this has won an award could Eyeko please create a blonde shade and even a clear shade? This wondrous product not only enhances your appearance, this paraben free formula is also infused with Keratin and Gingko Biloba to condition, thicken and improve the appearance of brows. I have been trying to grow fuller brows for over two years but I have not had much luck yet within 3-4 weeks of using Eyeko Brow Gel I have noticed my brows are slowly - but surely - visibly improving and appear fuller than usual. I am stumped yet delighted to see the improvement in my brow's enhanced appearance within such a short period of time. Winning.
Tip: for best results apply to brows by going against the direction of hair growth. Brush upwards and then brush them back down using a spare or disposable mascara wand.
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