Review: Dr. Lewinn's Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream

Dr. Lewinn's Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream ★★★★★
Price: $69.95
Size: 50ml
About: hydrating anti-age facial moisturiser that doubles as a day and night cream. Contains a creamy consistency, suitable for normal/dry/mature skin. Packaged in a plastic jar with twist lid.
Review: Dr. Lewinn's have truly stepped up to the plate - and delivered - with their latest offering. Gone are the days of old-fashioned packaging targeted at mature audiences, Dr. Lewinn's has quickly become an firm favourite to consumers of all ages. Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream is stunning in so many ways. Let's start with its multi-purpose formula: say goodbye to your day and night moisturiser because Eternal Youth doubles as a day and night cream. Fast absorbing with anti-ageing properties, the formula is perfect for normal and dry skin. Approaching winter I noticed the skin along my cheekbones had become rough and dry. They would not soften with regular exfoliation, and started to reject my blusher/bronzer but when I added Eternal Youth into my regime and continued to cleanse and exfoliate, the dry skin started to soften and the rough layer slowly started to come away. Four weeks on my skin feels as soft as baby's skin, and makeup application appears more natural, gliding on with ease once again. See, makeup and skincare really do go hand in hand. Formulated with a powerful hexapeptide known as Juvefoxo, this ingredient mimics the effects of the immortal jellyfish - by reversing the signs of ageing. It claims to rejuvenate skin cell performance by 10 years, repairing cell's structure within. It also contains Vitamin A for rejuventation - so be sure to apply SPF the following morning. Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream also contains Diamond and Black Pearl for a youthful complexion and PatcH20 offers hydration and completes this universal anti-ageing day and night cream. I am already seeing rave reviews from beauty editors for this moisturising cream and I too have joined the ranks in singing its praises. I look forward to using this overtime and seeing what else my skin's future now holds.
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