Review: Milk & Co Moisturising Shave Milk

Milk & Co Moisturising Shave Milk ★★★★
Price: $14.95
Size: 150ml
About: shaving milk with a fluid consistency designed to aid with easy shaving. Packaged in a plastic bottle with flip lid.
Review: If you shave regularly and demand a smooth finish then you can't look past a shaving cream or gel. Milk & Co Moisturising Shave Milk is just gorgeous; an ultra lightweight fluid that glides over the skin with ease. This shaving formula smells minty fresh thanks to peppermint oil and leaves skin feeling invigorated. Using this as a skin prep when shaving means that shaving is quicker and easier with smoother results. Although Moisturising Shave Milk is in the 'Men' category, I would like to make the suggestion that this forms part of a unisex line because shaving products are just as essential for women - if not more. I for one shave daily because I cannot stand the feeling of prickly legs or stubbly other regions and Moisturising Shave Milk helps me to achieve a closer and smoother shave. Moisturising Shave Milk contains coconut oil to hydrate skin and peppermint and menthol to cool and invigorate skin. Based on personal experience I would not recommend using this product on intimate areas of the body because the mint gives a burning sensation which hurts. A lot. When used on general areas of the body, Moisturising Shave Milk feels luxurious on the skin and lasts months before the bottle runs out. Considering its price tag, it is well worth the money spent - a good investment indeed. I also love the flat top as you can flip it on its head when the product starts to run low. A fantastic shaving product and highly recommended.
Tip: For best results, apply Moisturising Shave Milk to damp skin and then shave skin.
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