Review: Elucent Body Moisturiser

Elucent Body Moisturiser ★★★★
Price: $34.99
Size: 200ml
About: hydating and renewing body moisturiser containing 12% AHA's. Packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with flip lid.
Review: We use facial skincare products daily... but how often do we moisturise and exfoliate the skin on our body? Introducing Elucent Body Moisturiser, a fabulous product that hydrates skin cells, banishes dry scaly skin and breaks down dead cells all for less than $40.00. I'll be first to admit that while I follow a strict skincare regime, I am not as thorough with body care but Elucent Body Moisturiser has changed my way of thinking. This affordable and effective moisturiser contains a high dose of AHA's, a powerful ingredient with anti-ageing properties and also contains vitamins B3 and E for hydrating and firming benefits. Its formula hydrates and renews skin cells whilst buffing away dead skin - genius! I am a skirt/dress kind of girl which means my legs are constantly on show and can become dry rather quickly. After three weeks of (almost) daily use, Elucent Body Moisturiser has given my skin a new lease on life. Gone are the dry scales, replaced with soft and smooth skin that lets a subtle sheen when applied, which lasts for about an hour. Along with the use of a weekly exfoliating scrub, Elucent Body Moisturiser has made my skin noticeably softer, exceeding my initial expectations and encouraging me to use it on a daily basis. The packaging makes Elucent Body Moisturiser simple to use thanks to the easy to squeeze bottle and the flat lid which means the formula doesn't get caught in the bottle. I will continue to use Elucent Body Moisturiser in future and recommend it to those concerned with ageing, dry skin or who simply can't get enough of AHA's.
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