Review: Elucent Anti Ageing Serum

Elucent Anti Ageing Serum ★★★★★
Price: $49.99
Size: 30ml
About: anti-ageing facial serum containing 16% alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) and vitamins. Packaged in a plastic tube with twist lid and nozzle applicator.
Review: To say I am impressed with Elucent Anti Ageing Serum, would be an understatement. I am overjoyed by this serum. My skin is normal/dry and I have a high cell turnover which means that if I do not use exfoliating products regularly, my skin builds up and get flaky and unkempt. For this reason I dabble often with products high in AHA's as they help to combat my skin concerns, keeping skin soft, smooth and youthful. Elucent Anti Ageing Serum is a wondrous facial serum designed in mind for anti-ageing and for me this little tube of goodness buffs away dead skin cells whilst hydrating and offering anti-ageing qualities. Containing the highest percentage of AHA's in the Elucent range, Elucent Anti Ageing Serum really packs a punch, giving skin a tingly feeling whilst it works its magic. The sensation is certainly noticeable but can only be felt for 30 seconds at most and once the formula is absorbed, the feeling subsides. Elucent Anti Ageing Serum contains vitamins B3, C and E for extra hydrating and anti-ageing benefits and while I have not seen a huge difference in my skin on an anti-ageing level, my skin absolutely feels smoother and softer. Initially the introduction of AHA's on skin can cause a bit of a break out on skin but this tends to clear up after the first week and I believe it is a sign that skin is being cleared of congestion and grime. 12% lactic acid and 4% glycolic acid forms the AHA's in AHA's Elucent Anti Ageing Serum. This powerful serum contains ingredients which are safe to use on the skin. Encased in a small squeeze tube, it is easy to apply on skin and feels good too. Having used it for a month now I can confidently recommend Elucent Anti Ageing Serum because it has helped to address my current skin concerns and I would most probably purchase in future.
Tip: for extra Alpha Hydroxy action, use Elucent Anti Ageing Serum with other products in the Elucent Anti Ageing range.
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