Review: Wella System Professional LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask

Wella System Professional LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask ★★★★½
Price: $34.00
Size: 150ml
About: restoration hair mask designed to soften, hydrate and reconstruct hair. Suitable for all hair types. Packaged in a plastic tub with twist lid.
Review: This hydrating hair mask is truly luxe in every way imaginable. Before I review the mask, I first want to give a run-down on my hair. 18 months ago I played with ombre and balayage, regularly adding purple and pink hues to my already coloured ends. The result: hair became super dry and brittle with an endless supply of split ends as well as loss of length. Fast forward to today and my hair is still paying for the damage as my hair slowly tries to grow again. So with blonde locks as dry as mine, you will try anything in hope of softening brittle hair and preventing split ends. Then I discovered Wella System Professional LuxeOil Keratin Mask and suddenly there was hope again for my hair. Encapsulated in a lovely luxe gold jar, LuxeOil Keratin Mask is a nurturing hair mask that smells delicious. Its creamy consistency melts like butter along hair and coats strands without leaving an awful oily residue on hair when washed out. Having used LuxeOil Keratin Mask each week for the past two months I can confidently say that this lightweight hair mask is truly beautiful. Designed to reconstruct the hair fibre and leave hair soft to touch, it really does soften my brittle hair and seems to help hair gain new-found strength. I love to use this as an intense hair mask, making my mid-lengths and ends damp before applying LuxeOil Keratin Mask and then leaving it to absorb for an hour. Alternatively, apply LuxeOil Keratin Mask to damp hair whilst showering and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out. I will continue using this hair mask until the last golden drop of goodness has gone and will then most probably purchase another, because once you discover a wondrous beauty product, it becomes a staple in the beauty bag.
Purchased: No.
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