Review: People For Plants Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub

People For Plants Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub ★★★★
Price: $19.95
Size: 150ml
About: Cruelty-free exfoliating body scrub made from organic ingredients. Packaged in a plastic squeeze bottle with flip lid. 
Review: I tend to fall in love with every People For Plants product I use, so it was no surprise that Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub quickly became a winner in my eyes. Made from 85.4% organic ingredients, this skin smoothing body exfoliant contains physical granules blended through a gel formula that adheres to skin and glides along skin's surface with ease for an effective exfoliation. The formula smells fresh and feels sensational; encouraging me to exfoliate more often because it creates an uplifting, feel-good experience. Its packaging makes application so convenient - simply squeeze the desired amount into your hand and apply to skin. Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub gently removes dead and dry skin cells as you would expect it to. I would describe the consistency of the formula as medium: it will slough off dead skin cells but it is not the grittiest of gritty formulas. Being a medium consistency means that Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub doubles as a face scrub... and it works a treat. Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub is enriched with vitamin A, minerals, anti-oxidants and Omegas 9 and 6 to hydrate and protect skin and skin always feels lovely after use. Once rinsed off and skin is dry again, I find my skin feels smooth and not dried out in the slightest. Papaya, Quillaja, Apricot Body Scrub is a heavenly sulphate-free exfoliating scrub that is oh-so-affordable and money well spent (or should I say invested). I will most definitely consider using this again in the future because it is one of my favourites.
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