Review: Kit Cosmetics Nail Strips

Kit Cosmetics Nail Strips ★★★★½
Price: $9.95
Review: Nail strips are one of the coolest nail art inventions ever - they look great, last the distance and so easy to apply. Therefore I am grateful to have had the opportunity to trial and review Kit's limited edition We Heart Acai nail strips, a solid rich purple with white polka dot hearts throughout (such a lovely, subtle touch). Available in a range of designs as well as limited edition varieties available through the year, Nail Strips are not only affordable but also very fashion forward. I found application really difficult when applied to the first nail but only because I did not realise there is a plastic coating on the top and bottom of each nail strip and both need removing in order for the strip to adhere with ease. The variety of nail shapes is pretty good, with most being the right size for my fingers however one finger on each hand was in between the pre-cut sizes and so I had to choose between one which was too large or one which was a little too small. I went for the smaller size because I could see myself destroying the larger one if I tried to cut it down to size. Nail Strips are the perfect nail accessory because they are fun and fabulous, and they tend to last up to two weeks before removal is required. For the time-poor lady like me that is a huge advantage! I also have a set of Kit's Holy Houndstooth design and cannot wait to wrap them around my nails. Kit Nail Strips are truly a fabulous product and amazing value.
Purchased: No.
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