5 Minutes With ... Brittany Carruthers-Clements, Queen B Tea

Tea is the new coffee and it is quickly becoming apparent that the health benefits of tea outweighs the caffeine kick we get from coffee. Brittany Carruthers-Clements founder of Queen-B Tea saw the benefits and having always had an interest in fitness and well-being, saw a gap in the market and the brand was born. There are 10 products currently on the market designed in mind for your overall health. Whether you seek a little help to shed that belly or simply wish to sleep better Queen B can assist. We chat to Brittany about tea, coffee and Queen B...

Congratulations on the success of Queen B. Were you expecting this response to the products? I have been very pleased with the response we have had to our range of natural and organic health products. I feel so blessed to be involved in the movement of making woman of the world healthier and stronger through the smart decision to choose natural products.

What was your career background before launching Queen B? My career background pre-Queen B was Accounting and Marketing however I have always had a passion for the health and fitness industry - and the career change has definitely been the right move for me. Helping people improve themselves is priceless!

Can you tell us about Queen B and how the concept started? I became increasingly frustrated as a consumer with the lack of natural or organic health solutions to so many problems all woman face each day. Hence, I decided to do something about it! We now have a wide range of products that aid in all sorts of health issues including weight loss, clearing skin, restful sleep, menopausal relief and more!

Tea is the new coffee. Why do you think this is so? With all of the health benefits discovered by tea- why wouldn’t it be! In saying this, we have released two health beneficial coffee products that can replace your regular morning (not so healthy) coffee with one that has multiple health benefits! The first is Queen B's Acai Berry Coffee which is full of antioxidants, has all the goodness of superfood acai berry and aids in anti-ageing (its never too early). The second is Queen B's Green Coffee which helps to increase the metabolic rate and suppress appetite. If you are a coffee drinker, make the swap today!

The products in the range are quite different to other tea and coffee brands currently on the market. Yes I based our range on the things I as a woman struggle with day to day: weight management, skin issues, period pains, sleep, etc. Each product has its very own unique blend of specially selected ingredients to naturally solve each issue effectively!

Which Queen B product is most popular? B-Tox Tea is the most popular- this product helps to naturally detox the body by removing unwanted toxins and fatty acids. It ultimately aids in weight loss. This 
product comes in three forms, a 7 day pack ($15), a 14 day pack ($26) and a 12 month pack ($140).

Which Queen B product do you love most and why? I absolutely love our skin product: Beauty Queen Tea which helps to replenish collagen and elastin back into the skin to eliminate pimples, blemishes, acne, scars and dry skin. I also drink a cup of The Princess & The Tea each night before bed to help me relax and rejuvenate - I owe my solid eight hours sleep each night to this product!

I love the pretty packaging and regal logo! How would you define the brand in a few words? Natural, classic and chic. I want customers to not only love our products for what they do, but also want to have them on display in their homes or offices.

How would you describe the Queen B consumer in 3 words: stylish, cultured, green.

What makes you feel Spoilt? Surprises!

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