Review: Strictly Confidential by Roxy Jacenko

Think the Public Relations industry consists of glitz, glamour and pretty young things who file their nails all day long? Think again! 

Strictly Confidential by Roxy Jacenko, director of Sweaty Betty Public Relations, is a fast-paced and fabulous preview into the Public Relations industry. No topic is barred in this intriguing read which details the ins and outs of the industry. Whether it be 4am wake up calls to save trashed celebs from paparazzi, or throwing lavish parties in hope of publicity and new managements, the star of the novel Jazzy-Lou has done it all. Based loosely on Roxy Jacenko's own industry experiences, Jazzy-Lou's expeditions keep readers interest from page one to the very last paragraph on page 258.

It all starts with Jazzy-Lou working for the boss from hell at a leading Public Relations company. Think The Devil Wears Prada - working crazy hours, completing ridiculous tasks and regularly being ridiculed - all for the love of the job and a wage that can't afford the designer clothes she's expected to wear. And then that boss from hell who kicks her to the curb in one foul swoop. What's a girl to do? Call mum and ask if she can move back home? Not Jazzy-Lou! This girl rises from the ashes with her own PR firm, and kicks butt at it too! The rise to the top is a difficult feat but if someone can manage, Jazzy-Lou can. The novel keeps readers guessing with reference to local and international celebrities who she has had dealings with over the years. Which celebrity has been caught having an affair? And which famous crooner tries to bed Jazzy-Lou's employer?

I read the pages as quickly as possible (with a Toblerone and cup of tea in hand) so I could find out what was over the next page. I enjoyed the read so much that as I write this review, I am feeling distracted knowing that I have a copy of the newest novel in the Jazzy-Lou series, The Rumour Mill on my bedside table. I must start reading it! Before choosing this novel I read reviews from those who had already read Strictly Confidential and it seemed that while most really enjoyed the read, some readers found it to lack intellectual composition - but it is a novel! It is meant to be fun and entertaining - not factual. International readers may feel a bit lost at the reference to local suburbs and brands but once they fall in love with the storyline, they will soon dismiss this.

I love the obsessively particular characteristics of Jazzy-Lou (who is based loosely on Roxy Jacenko) because I too can be so passionate about my job that I panic about the finer details and regularly voice my opinion. I loved reading Strictly Confidential so much that I sent Roxy an email to personally thank her for the entertaining read as soon as I had finished. For me it was really that brilliant! Now on to Rumour Mill...
Rating: ★★★★★

Strictly Confidential by Roxy Jacenko RRP $24.99. Published by Allen & Unwin. 

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