Review: Maybelline FITme Shine-Free Foundation Stick

Maybelline FITme Shine-Free Foundation Stick
Price: $15.95
Size: 9g
About: Stick foundation with anti-shine core available in 10 shades. Contains a lightweight cream consistency and offers light coverage. Packaged in a foundation stick with twist applicator and plastic lid.
Review: I love a good stick foundation - there is nothing like applying foundation from a foundation stick applicator straight over my skin and then blending it to perfection. As my skin tends to experience shine through the day I was keen to try the new Maybelline FITme Shine-Free Foundation Stick. While I do love Maybelline New York products, there are some which excel more than others and while I was impressed by Shine-Free Foundation Stick, I am not completely sold on it. There are three factors I look for in a foundation: long-wearing, good coverage and shine-free. Shine-Free Foundation Stick comes in 10 fabulous shades that match skin to perfection (mine is 130 Buff Beige) but it only offers a light-medium coverage that requires me to gradually add layer upon layer for a flawless, balanced finish. Because of its lightweight consistency, Shine-Free Foundation Stick wears off almost completely within 4-5 hours, leaving me with nothing but my own skin staring back at me in the mirror. Not a good look when I am at work and expecting my foundation to last a good 9 hour day. Shine-Free Foundation Stick contains an anti-shine core in the centre of the foundation stick which is said to prevent excessive shine on oily skin but this promise again was disappointing when on one occasion I looked in to the mirror 6 hours after applying it and saw a shiny mess staring back at me. What a bother! I truly do love the professional makeup artist grade packaging, it is presented so nicely and really does look like it will do everything it claims and while I do also love the smooth consistency which blends over the face with ease and comfort, it has failed to impress me in the three key areas that I demand from a foundation. Is this stick foundation ideal for oily skin like it claims to be? I would have to say no because as a makeup artist I know that most females with acneic or oily skin will apply heavier foundations to conceal their flaws but this lightweight, short-term wear coverage will not suffice. If the product was reformulated then I think this could truly be a fabulous foundation but for now it is a little on the mediocre side and not what I was hoping for.
Purchased: No.