Review: ghd Eclipse

ghd Eclipse ★★★★½
Price: $300.00
About: ghd's latest hair straightener. Created to style hair using less heat, preventing damaged hair. Designed for all hair types including the most challenging hair. Can be used to straighten, curl and style hair. Contains a long power cord and insulator case to keep ghd cool.
Review: ghd has been my favourite hair styling brand for almost a decade and is a firm favourite worldwide. It is easy to see why thanks to advanced technology and quality tools which last and last. I purchased a ghd IV straightener in 2007 and it is still going strong and while this is impressive, it also gives me high expectations for other ghd styling tools. If you want to achieve super straight, wavy or curly locks then look no further than ghd Eclipse, the ground-breaking new and improved big sister to ghd IV. This fabulous styler heats up quicker than the previous model and styles hair faster while using less heat. Cool, huh? 

ghd Eclipse claims to work well with all hair textures, however I can only give it merit based on my hair type and my own personal experience. I have thick and long blonde hair which is dry on the ends and as my hair is naturally wavy I tend to work with what I have. On weekdays I run my Eclipse through the ends and style my fringe however when I have more time to play with my look, I love to straighten and curl with Eclipse. Heating up to 185°C, Eclipse is able to maintain this heat thanks to 3 sensors which continue to monitor the temperature which ensures Eclipse maintains the same quality during every single stoke, with every single use. Although it claims to work with more hair than previous models, I still tend to use it stroke by stroke with about the same amount of hair as I have always done because I have lots of hair. Work out the right amount of hair to style at one time and you will ensure that hair straightens or curls in the quickest time possible and all the while delivering the best finish visually. 

To all of the ghd users have difficulty curling hair, I urge you to practice and watch tutorials because for years I had no idea and once I figured it out my curler went to the back of my beauty cabinet - why keep two stylers when you only need the one! I do love to use Eclipse to curl my hair but I personally prefer using my pink ghd IV styler as it does not have a matte finish - it has a shiny case which does not grab at my hair and glides through my hair a little easier and faster. Thanks to its new and innovative tri-zone technology Eclipse heat plates leaves everything they touch with last gloss and shine that enhances hair's appearance without giving it a greasy look. Its long salon-length cord is just fabulous because sometimes I want to pop my head out of the bathroom whilst styling my hair and this ensures I am never too far away from the action... and can still keep an eye on my mischievous dogs! The on/off power button is magic; a round button situated on the outer shell of the styler which is a change to previous designs where the on/off switch was inside toward the heat plate. A couple of gentle pulses on the button are required before it will turn on. When it does you will hear Eclipse start to sound and see a blue light on the power button. Once the heat plates have achieved the correct temperature, Eclipse will sound again with a slightly different noise to let you know that it is ready for use. 

It takes around 8-10 minutes to straighten my hair using Eclipse which is probably a little quicker than previous models, however as mentioned I do still prefer to use my shiny coated IV styler when curling hair so that I can wrap hair around the wand. Having said that, Eclipse offers a more rounded, conical design which is perfect for curling as it wraps around hair lengths beautifully and does not give that square/stiff finish that can occasionally happen with using an IV styler. When not in use, or when you wish to pack Eclipse away whilst travelling its silicone protector sleeve works wonders to hold the plates together, keep the styler closed so that it cannot burn if still hot, and simply slips over the edge of the styler over where the plates sit. I popped the sleeve over the hot plates when I travelled overseas and interstate just recently and it prevented the hot plates from burning my clothes which also shared the suitcase. It also prevented the styler from being open during transit which could have potentially damaged it. 

With a successful line of hair irons, a world-class hair dryer on the market, fabulous hair styling products and their professional range of brushes, what could possibly come next for the brand? I guess we will just have to wait and see but I can only imagine that it will be as amazing (if not more) than their current favourites. ghd have global domination for a reason and Eclipse is just a reminder as to why we all love ghd. I love my Eclipse and plan on enjoying it for many years to come.
Tip: for best results, take small sections of hair and straighten or curl. Start from the back and make your way to the sides and then the front. 
Purchased: No.