5 Minutes With ... Pedj Bojic, A-List Limited

If you're a fan of A-League football then you will be familiar with the name Pedj Bojic. Currently representing Sydney FC, this talented sportsman previously spent 5 years representing my local team, Central Coast Mariners. So when I discovered the launch of Pedj's latest project, street wear label A-List Limited, I jumped at the chance to interview him. When not playing football, Pedj spends his time running his personal fitness business, A-List Training and finding cool styles for A-List Limited. Pedj spared time to chat about A-List Limited and his crazy busy schedule...

You’re a talented A-league football player – why the transition into fashion? I've always had a love for fashion and noticed that there is a market for street wear in Australia, so I created A-List Limited

Football contract and fashion aside, you also run fitness business A-List Training. How do you find time for everything? No sleep! (laughs) I have a few people to help out with both businesses. With the personal training I have a small group of clients who have been with me for a number of years and I have a couple of fill-in personal trainers to do some sessions also. For A-List Limited I have people working on the social media and helping me to build the website.

Tell us about A-List Limited... What is A-List?  Exactly what the name suggests. It's the word that is most commonly used throughout various topics of conversation, on TV shows, fashion shows, rating systems, you name it. It's recognised for being at the top, held in the highest regard, superior to the rest, and that's what we are aiming to be. The A-List of Australia. We want people to wear our clothing and feel they have their own A-List style. Our designs are a way for people to express their personalities.

Would you say your label represents your personal style? Absolutely. A-List is all about being the best that you can. You can't get better than best.

Describe the A-List Limited consumer in 3 words... A-List, statement and style.

How do you choose which designs make the final cut? We choose designs that best describes the meaning of being the best you can be and gives that 'wow' first impression.

Which design is your current favourite? The A-List tee is my favourite. It best defines the brand. 

If you could choose anyone to be the face of A-List Limited who would it be and why? Rihanna and David Beckham. They have that A-List style to a tee and rock the street wear look.

Pedj, what makes you feel Spoilt? Reading up on blogs like yours.

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