Review: EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush

EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush ★★★★
Price: $27.99
About: multi-functional makeup brush designed to highlight, contour and bronze face but also large enough to use on the body such as arms, legs and decolletage. Comes with an easy to manoeuvre handle.
Review: Once you own one of these babies, you wonder how you ever lived without one! EcoTools Face & Body Sculpting Brush is a professional makeup brush designed to contour and define the face and body thanks to its long straight design. This makeup artist grade brush is so affordable and effective that everyone can achieve can look good with little effort. A little thicker than most sculpting brushes on the market, this brush captures product with a single swoop and presses it on to the skin with its gentle, smooth bristles. This multi-functional beauty tool is my must-have product for bronzing powder application because I can dab it in to bronzing powder and then gently swoop the brush from the cheekbone, up toward the hairline (gradually applying less pressure as I ascend so that is fades seamlessly). For the past 8 weeks I have used Face & Body Sculpting Brush at least once a day of a morning, and again for the occasional evening touch-up and it continues to win my approval. As a makeup artist I can proudly recommend Face & Body Sculpting Brush because I demand a certain standard from makeup brushes - especially ones I keep for personal use and constant application will prove if a makeup brush can stand the test of time. Face & Body Sculpting Brush features a thick bamboo handle which is easy to hold and will not slip out of your grasp during application. The brush bristles are soft and do not irritate skin. If I was to fault anything about this product, it would be the width of the brush because most women do not have a cheek as wide as the brush and therefore I only tend to use 3/4 of the brush at one time. Having said that though, Face & Body Sculpting Brush was also created to use on the body such areas as the chest, neck, arms and legs and the width is ideal for these areas. Considering the soft 100% synthetic brush bristles and the professional finish I achieve when using this beauty tool, I will absolutely try more brushes from EcoTools and can confidently recommend Face & Body Sculpting Brush for bronzer fanatics and makeup artists alike.
Tip: apply product gradually with this product to avoid too much product placed in the one spot.
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