Review: Mineralogie Brush-On Brow

Mineralogie Brush-On Brow ★★★★
Price: $34.00
Size: 6ml
About: brow gel designed to keep brows from becoming unruly. packaged in a thin mascara tube with a mascara brush wand. Comes in clear, blonde and brunette shades.
Review: if there is one must-have makeup product that I swear by, it is brow gel and I am so baffled that many women have never even heard of this makeup saviour. I am also shocked that many makeup lines do not stock brow gel, so I was thrilled when I discovered Brush-On Brow by Mineralogie. This clever formula glides over the brows with ease and sets in seconds, leaving brows looking tidy and groomed. Available in clear for setting the brows as well as blonde and brunette shades for those who want to add a little colour to the brow. The brush applicator makes the product easy to apply, however the brush bristles are rather stiff and took a few weeks of getting used to as I have previously used brow gels with soft brush bristles. The brush bristles start to soften overtime though which makes application easier again because they move through brow hairs and coat them individually. If you like to fill your brows with colour before application then I would recommend using care when applying this because the harder the bristles are pressed against brows means that the bristles will catch the product in the brow as it glides through. If using the clear brow gel, this will quickly discolour the gel when the wand is placed back in the formula. I really do like Mineralogie Brush-On Brow and would use it in future if the brand was more readily available in store. While the ingredients used in Brush-On Brow are relatively safe, it does contain parabens. Although I was not expecting the product to contain parabens, this ingredient is designed to ensure the brow gel adheres to hairs so I guess that's a given. If used daily, Brush-On Brow should last around 3 or 4 months. This product is affordable and lasts the distance, and while it is not my favourite brow gel on the market, I can certainly recommend it with confidence.
Purchased: no.
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