Review: Dr Lewinn's Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum

Dr Lewinn's Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum ★★★★
Price: $49.95
Size: 30ml
About: serum designed to hydrate and renew dull, dehydrated skin. Packaged in a plastic bottle with pump applicator.
Review: My usually normal/dry skin has become more hydrated in the past few months and it is thanks to Dr Lewinn's Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum. When used under hydrating day and night creams this hydrating facial serum works wonders to heal damaged skin cells and improve skin's appearance. It's gel to oil formula glides over the skin with ease but does leave a slight greasy film along the skin's surface which is one reason I tend to use it of an evening because although my skin is normal/dry, my nose and forehead can produce a fair bit of excess oil by day. Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum is enriched with anti-ageing botanical extracts such as rose hip oil for hydration and skin regeneration, Tamanu Oil for enhanced elasticity and Sea Buckthorn Oil for radiance. It also contains vitamin A for skin renewal benefits. Having used this facial serum for around 8 weeks I have had the chance to monitor my skin's condition. When I applied the product for the very first time my skin was slightly dry due to the cold winter months but within the first week of using Miracle Radiance Renewal Serum my skin had started to feel softer, smoother and more comfortable. Although it is not recommended to use a serum in place of a moisturiser, this product has saved my skin on more than one occasion when I have forgotten to pack a moisturiser in an overnight bag. Its scent is lightweight and appealing, reminding me of the sea thanks to the scent of the botanicals packed inside the bottle. The pump applicator is convenient and pumps out the right amount each time. The lid also contains a twist lock so that the pump can be set to closed and prevent spilling. Genius! For $50 I believe this is a stellar buy because it works, the professional formula is impressive and the packaging is modern, appealing and convenient.
Purchased: No.