5 Minutes With ... Matea Saule, Matea Designs

Watch out for Matea Saule. This fresh and upcoming designer creates fashion based on her personal style: sophisticated with a touch of sexy. With fashion design in her blood it was only natural for Matea to create her eponymous label, Matea Designs. Originally a hobby in 2007, Matea passionately re-launched the label in 2013. And if Matea's debut collection is anything to go by then there are plenty of reasons to watch this designer. We chat with Matea about Matea Designs...

Matea, where did you find your love for fashion? My love for fashion stems back to when I was a young girl. My grandmother was a dress maker and used to run her own business in Europe. As I grew up with my grandparents I suppose its something that has been instilled in me, it's in my blood. 

Congratulations on the re-launch of your label! It feels amazing, I am doing what I love, it's my passion, therefore it really isn't work for me. I look to the next task ahead with excitement! 

Matea Designs offers sophisticated styles with a hint of sexy. Would you say this is based on your personal style? Yes, it most definitely reflects my personal style. I have always loved and embraced a womanly shape and form, so when I am designing I am always mindful about how it will flatter a woman and make her feel sexy, yet classy.

Describe the Matea Designs woman in 3 words... Independent, unique, timeless.

Which Matea design is your current favourite? I would have to say the "Into the night dress", which I have had a great response with.

It's a fabulous design! You specialise not only in clothing but also accessories ...  Yes, I have a real obsession with the medieval era, the 18th century (think Marie Antoinette) & princesses in general. I have always admired the tribal jewels from medieval times and delicate jewels that princesses wear, so I guess that's what lead me to my interest in jewellery as well as clothing.

Where do you gain inspiration for each collection? Dream catchers, peacock feathers, gems, opulent things, royalty, crowns, water, the beach, baroque textures, white and pink roses, peonies, all that's plush, diamonds, butterflies, wild cats, castles, princesses. All things whimsical, travel, fairy tales, ballet, large light open spaces, gardens, bold colours, classical music, exotic jewellery, shapes and symbols.

Wow - inspired by so many different facets! What fashion trends do you predict in 2014? To be honest when I design I don't really particularly focus on fashion trends so much, because trends are so temporary. I love to see and design pieces that are transferable and lasting. 

If you could choose anyone to be the face of Matea Design who would it be and why? Kate Moss, she's an all time favourite model of mine and such a classic! 

What advice can you offer women about discovering their personal sense of style? I think that style comes with knowing yourself well and understanding your body shape. Experiment and draw inspiration from other people who's style you admire. 

Matea, what makes you feel Spoilt? When someone has put real genuine thought into a gift or deed for me I know they have really thought about me and what matters to me. That's what makes me feel really spoilt: thoughtfulness. 

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