Review: Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief

Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief ★★★
Price: $59.95
Size: 15ml
About: plant-based, anti-imperfection cream that fights pimples by targeting the harmful bacteria that causes breakouts. Also reduces redness and swelling. Packaged in a plastic squeeze tube.
Review: I have excessively oily skin, prone to congestion and blemishes, plus I suffer from the odd hormonal pimple, so it’s important I have an effective ‘zit zapper’ handy. I’ve been using Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief for the past month, finding it compliments my normal skin care routine and delivers impressive, speedy results. Gentle enough not to trigger sensitivity issues, it doesn’t burn, sting or dry-out the surrounding skin, yet is still powerful enough to eradicate imperfections and prevent new ones forming. The only disappointing factor is definitely the affordability factor! It boasts an extremely high-end, deluxe price-tag that is well above and beyond the average of a similar-sized ‘spot solution’ and exceeds what I typically spend on my usual option, which hails from a leading professional skin care brand. Sure, it’s comparable in healing capabilities; however, I haven’t discovered any extraordinary, stand-out qualities to justify its price. While I’m sure the tube will last me a long time if I only focus soley on zits, but trying to combat bigger breakouts will naturally use-up more lotion and empty the tube faster. 

If you don’t mind splurging on your skincare and you want a decent topical ‘pimple potion’ that will isolate and erase, then Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Spot Relief will ensure consistent visible effects for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. The smooth and creamy white lotion has a silky, lightweight texture and a crisp, refreshing scent that smells slightly herbal. The fragrance is difficult to describe, but I guess it’s something like an earthy, lemon-citrus aroma with a hint of tea-tree. I’m personally fond of this medicinal-type of scent for ‘blemish busters’ as it reminds me of its effectual, anti-bacterial properties, so I know it means business. I only squeeze out a tiny amount of lotion, which I then dab onto the individual spots. At times, in the case of an occasional breakout, I’ve also needed to smear a thin layer over affected problem areas; ideally using only the bare minimum to avoid wastage. Once applied, it absorbs in seconds, with no sticky, greasy residue, leaving my skin feeling completely comfortable, rather than dry or tight. It works a charm on regular pimples, rapidly eliminating redness and inflammation, as well as promptly minimising the unsightly appearance. The larger blind or deeper painful versions generally take a few days to heal, but the soothing formula helps maintain calming relief for sore, red, angry imperfections and they are already far less noticeable in just 24 hours. Because of the invisible finish, I can wear this treatment under my makeup and can even re-apply whenever a spot requires extra attention.

Presented in a white, squeezable, plastic tube with a clear screw-off lid and a simple design, the packaging adorns a turquoise blue colour scheme that is identifiable throughout the entire ‘Outer Peace’ range. The cost of this product is too excessive for my own budget and for that reason I wouldn’t bother buying it again myself. It also why I’ve deducted a star from the overall rating, giving it 4 stars out of 5. For a treatment in that price range, I expect it to be better than anything else I’ve tried, and yes it does perform well, but not exactly superior!
Purchased: No.