Review: Arbonne Cosmetics Lip Polish

Arbonne Cosmetics Lip Polish
Price: $37.00
Size: 5.9ml
About: lip gloss with a lip sponge applicator. Packaged in a plastic tube with twist lid.
Review: Arbonne's Lip Polish is gorgeous! The lovely lightweight formula offers lips a glossy sheen without bombarding them with a thick gluggy finish, thank goodness. Lip Polish comes in seven gorgeous shades which contain a light/medium pigment. Lip Polish adds colour and sheen without taking away from the lip's natural colour. Its smooth consistency does not feel sticky or gluggy and therefore I don't find my hair sticking to my face. My personal favourite is Posh Chic, a stunning pink shade which can be worn over lipstick or alone. Whilst I love the formula, I do prefer a brush wand over a felt tip applicator as they never seem to grab enough product which keeps me dipping in and out of the product until I feel that the coverage is enough. I also find that this gloss wears off easy so I feel the need to constantly reapply. Lip Polish is paraben-free and contains polypeptides, safflower oils well as vitamins A and E, although I am not exactly sure how much of the product is made up of natural ingredients. I find that Lip Polish is a bit overpriced and this is due to the fact that I would like a more effective applicator and while I adore Posh Chic, I would not purchase at this price.
Purchased: No.
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